Bermuda Beats March

There are going to be some serious house beats banging throughout Hamilton, Bermuda on Saturday March 31rst.  I’ll be spinning Easter Weekend, and the party is going to be awesome. If you’re looking for something to do for the long weekend, book your trip to Bermuda and let’s dance! Housestyle Takeover is happening on Saturday […]

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Master Your Gear | DJ Tips

DJing has turned into a love affair with tech savvy equipment that boasts being the best for stuff you probably don’t need, nor may never use. Before you go out and buy new equipment, master your gear. Make the most out of what you have. When I was coming up my parents bought me a […]

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Nourish Relationships | DJ Tips

There are many videos and pictures online of DJs telling people who request songs to f*ck off, get off the stage, and some have even gone as far as physically pushing people away from them (by their faces), or by throwing speakers on them (most recently at the controversial Richie Hawtin’s show).  I personally feel […]

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Hardwell & Krewella Faking The Funk so DeadMau5 calls them Shameful | DJ Tips

DJs aren’t even DJ’ing anymore.  In this computer age, international festival DJs are faking the funk.  We now live in the computer age and this new breed of music producers (aka fake DJs) are making awesome music but lack one essential skill that’s taking them on world tours… um, well, they simply can’t DJ and it’s shameful! Your DJ tip […]

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