The Proactive DJ | DJ Tips

Young, up and coming DJs think their dope defying skills are going to take them around the world, and that’s true, however artists didn’t get where they are simply by sitting back and patting themselves on the back.  Like with anything you wish to attain in life, you must be pro-active.

If you’re looking to expand from your basement to a nightclub or lounge, make sure you’re out and about – meeting the right people who can help you reach your goals.  Be pro-active and find reputable, professional booking agents that can represent you (and believe in you), nightclub staff who are wiling to listen to your demo, and build a supportive audience that you can entertain when you’re ready to do your first show (nobody likes an empty space).  Oh and cameras… cameras are really important these days!  It’s easy to say you packed a venue and rocked the house, but there’s nothing better than showing and proving.  Post that sh*t on YouTube and watch the views pile up (giving you a bigger chance of getting into the brains of like-minded people).

A proactive DJ will push his team to work hard, extend himself and lock down venues, and create concepts with a new vibe and feel for his/her city.

Be pro-active and begin your shine.


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