Don’t Fall Asleep| DJ Tips

DJs stay awake all night. They never fall asleep. What’s the trick? Well, a majority of DJs are now getting a silicone chip implanted behind their eyes that trigger a light reflection.  New studies done by the University of The Trickster have shown that this new chip has created the DJ Zombie.

It’s easy to spot these dudes.  They’re the ones who look wide eye’d and caffeine’d out.  They’re constantly smiling and working the crowds at nightclubs.  No matter what time of day it is, in reality to them it’s 3 PM.  This new chip boasts a recreation of natural gamma rays and are manufactured in sunny Silicone Valley (how fitting).  The chips are available via my website, and are called, “Sleep Out”.

Of course this post is bullsh*t, so the real DJ Tip here is get to a lot of rest before your gigs because DJs have to stay up until the wee hours of the morning depending on what country, or party you’re playing.

Disclaimer:  I was paid to mention this chip, and am a DJ Zombie.  All I do now a days is listen to music and praise the sunshine.


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