I Am The DJ, Not A Jukebox | DJ Tips

Yup, she did that.  She requested that song request out of left field in the middle of your set.  And yup, she doesn’t even know the theme of the night (i.e it’s a house music party but she wants you to play Lil’ John).   And uh huh, she just gave you a screw-face and said that you sucked because you didn’t play her best friend’s song on her birthday and stormed off.  Oh well, she’ll wake up with a hangover tomorrow morning and forget about the whole thing.

You’re gonna get a few of these people that stumble into the DJ booth from time to time (stumble being the key word; alcohol is a hell of a drug), but don’t let that ruin your vibe.  You have an entire venue to cater to – and you were hired to do what you do, so keep on keeping on.

There are times when someone’s request can actually fit your set, and if that’s the case there’s no harm in fulfilling their request, but overall stick to your guns.  You were hired for a reason… for your ability to create a vibe.  Showcase your art.

Hint:  Sometimes it’s good to bring a friend along who can “man” the DJ booth.  They can play musical doorman and filter through the good and bad requests.  The positive is that that the person asking for the request feels like they’ve been heard and the DJ is working hard on fitting in their song.  After a few more drinks they’ll most likely forget that they requested the song to begin with – and boom, success!

After all, you are the DJ not their personal Jukebox.

Exception:  If you’re a wedding or corporate DJ and you get these requests, chances are you’ll have to fulfill them – after all those events are geared towards a non-genre specific crowd, and well, it’s expected. 🙂


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