Nourish Relationships | DJ Tips

There are many videos and pictures online of DJs telling people who request songs to f*ck off, get off the stage, and some have even gone as far as physically pushing people away from them (by their faces), or by throwing speakers on them (most recently at the controversial Richie Hawtin’s show).  I personally feel offended when I see these photos and watch these videos.

Relationship are key to maintaining a successful DJ career.  Seriously.  The music business is a people-oriented business, and yeah there are some flakes but the old saying “it’s not what you know it’s who you know still holds true in many aspects.  You will come across many people that work in the industry, on many levels – and you don’t want to be that guy that’s known to have a bad attitude, whether it be towards your fans, or colleagues.  Both of these groups of people have the power to destroy your career.  If you lose your business contacts you have nowhere to showcase your talents.  Fans are forgiving at times, but if you lose your fans – you have nothing.

Just freaking stay positive.  It’s hard at times but maintaining your composure can help you succeed (and not just in music, but in life).  The business sucks sometimes, but so does every other business right?  Business is business.  It’s nothing personal, it’s a money game.  You’re going to find people who just rub you the wrong way.  Don’t hold a grudge, and don’t hurt relationships.  Nourish relationships with positive people – and be aware of who you work with so that you don’t stress yourself out.

At the end of the day your talent, smile, judge of character, and willingness to overlook the small things in life will take you further than a photo op on Facebook.  Nobody likes a hater.

Disclaimer:  The DJ Tips are written by me, from my knowledge and experience I’ve had in the DJ and music world.  You don’t have to follow my tips but understand them.


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