Negotiate. Never Under Value Thyself | DJ Tips

As with any art form there will be people who will ask you to share your art for the lovely sum of “exposure“.  In other words, they’re asking you if you will DJ their party for free.  To many budding DJs this opens the door to your first event but let’s consider what the DJ Business is… have you figured it out yet?… that’s right… it’s a business.

There is a specific reason that you are being asked to play – whether it be your technical ability to mix sounds and program music, your popularity as a person who has “pull” with crowds, etc. so never under estimate your value.  Chances are the person that asked you to DJ is going to get paid for the event, either by a company or by raking in money at the door and the bar; and if you’re the highlight of the night when it comes to the entertainment, so should you.

Negotiate. Negotiate. Negotiate.  It’s up to you to lay your worth on the table.  If you ask for a chicken and a bag of grain for one month to feed that chicken, you have just negotiated a deal.  From that point forward you’ve let that person know that your services don’t come for free, but you’re always willing to negotiate something.  Please don’t ask for a chicken, you will seriously lower the bar for DJs who are making good money.  🙂

In other words, don’t sell yourself short because you’re worth it!

Disclaimer:  This post was made with you in mind – and I do not receive any sponsorship monies from the links in the posts.  I just want to make you say, “hmmm”.


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