Expose ThySelf | DJ Tips

Once you’ve figured out your sound it’s time for you to expose yourself, musically that is! ūüôā Put yourself out there. Start with your friends who have similar tastes in music and give them your mixes. Ask for genuine feedback from them. People who appreciate your sound will become promoters of your work, and promoters in music become fans (and we all love fans because they truly connect with what we do).
When you’ve gotten some good feedback spend some time finding relevent music blogs to send your mixes to. Keep in mind that even the biggest music blog sites are run by people who have the same interests that you do. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them, or think that you are too small for them, instead be confident without being caulky. A great way to start off a conversation is with a compliment.
People like people, and are open to helping others by nature so don’t be afraid to ask for opinions. Once you’ve gotten their attention, make sure to listen. Don’t say much. Feedback from like minded individuals who have some groundwork in the business is important because they’ve ready done the legwork. People are passionate about music, and they’ll give you their opinion – it’s not always the right opinion – but respect their take on your work. If someone doesn’t like your stuff don’t fire back, just move on and keep pitching. Chances are you’ll have to deal with that person again somewhere down the road, so keep the relationship chill.
Got a favourite nightclub? A favourite DJ? Network. Get out there. These folks are your soon to be colleagues, not unattainable statues. They found success the same way you’re looking for it. Hand them a card with your website, or a USB stick with some of your stuff. They may not all listen to it, but for those that do it could spark an interest in your work. I’ve let many budding DJs open or close club nights for me merely on them reaching out to me, and showing genuine enthusiasm.
Alas, think like a marketer at the early stages and make sure you have the talent to back up your promise (if you haven’t worked on your craft it’s all meaningless).
Remember, the more people you expose yourself to, the higher the chances you’ll be heard so get out there and let it al hang out… erg, musically that is.
Disclaimer: ¬†Exposing yourself can lead to really cool sponsorships.¬† Through my craft and dedication to music I have been sponsored by many brands – in this blog photo I am wearing People Footwear; I coin their business “Dope Shoes, Great People”. ¬†Check out their website and also a big shout going out to VOCAL PR Firm in New York City for the hook up!

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