Know ThySelf | DJ Tips

It’s very easy to follow trends in music; but following trends won’t solidify who you are as an individual. Trendy DJs have a place in this world (usually at high school dances, corporate events, or weddings) but if you want to DJ at specialty nightclubs and music festivals for hundreds and thousands of people, trends won’t take you there. Your unique flavour and ability to find good music will. If you like underground house music, EDM, hip hop, rock, jazz, alternative, or any other genre of music, stick to being a perveyor of that sound; search for obscure, awesome music that isn’t commercial. DJs who know their sound have an easier time finding their place in the music industry because their audience knows what to expect from them, as do the people that hire them. Anybody can play popular music so when you go beyond the music charts and find what makes you groove… chances are it will entice people to follow you because they can’t hear what you play just anywhere. People that stand out get noticed. It’s no different in music, and no different for budding DJs. It’s OK to experiment with new sounds and try new things, but stay focused on your genre and what you can bring to the table. Trends fade, and when they do so might you.

Is there something you need to know? Keep the questions coming in the comments section and I’ll give you an earful of my thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Know ThySelf | DJ Tips

    1. Hard question because it’s all relevant. The time you spend finding great music is equal to the time you spend at honing your craft. The two go hand in hand. Thanks for the question! 🙂


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