5 Steps To Becoming A World-Famous Touring DJ | DJ Tips

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a world-famous touring DJ in 2015?  Here are 5 key elements you need to succeed in the world of music and lights.  Take them really, really seriously.

1.  Get a flashy wardrobe

There’s nothing better than a well dressed man, and there’s no exception to a DJ.  Successful DJs are known to wear flashy wardrobes (which usually include wigs, sparkly clothing, and LED lights).  In addition to fantastic clothes, unique hairstyles & masks will add mystery to your performance.  Plus, in a crowd full of people you’ll stand out – getting you instant fame on Instagram.  DJs aren’t regular human beings, and their clothes shouldn’t be regular either.

2.  Pre-Record your sets using a sync-software

A lot of people think that the term “spinning” refers to actually working.  It doesn’t.  In recent years “spinning” actually refers to pre-recording your music using DJ syncing software (and sync buttons) to create flawless music mixes.  Many years ago vinyl DJs spent years learning different techniques to the art of DJing – but thanks to computer technology, those days are fu*king over!  Now your computer will tell you the beats per minute of your songs, remind you of the genre you’re playing, and you can even star your favorite song so you’ll never forget them in your digital crate.  This takes all of the work out of you doing anything – leaving you enough time in your set to… (see sections 3, 4, and 5)

3.  Learn the art of knob-twisting

When you’re on-stage your instruments are stationary.  If you want to give the crowd an impression that you’re doing something (other than just standing there playing your pre-recorded set) you’ll want to know the art of Knob-Twisting.  It’s not as simple as using the sync button – because this requires you to know different parts of different songs, however, after some practice you’ll be able to look at wave forms on your computer screen, or mark the breaks in your computer, to prepare yourself for the act.  The intention is to ride the music and make it seem like your energy made the song!  Facial expressions are awesome too when knob-twisting because the crowd thinks that the music is getting sucked right out of your soul!  It’s also very exciting to watch, so be a knob!

4.  Dance

Why do you go to a concert or a show?  Not to sit in your chair and blindly listen to music, silly!  You go to a concert to see a performance!  You are the centre of attention and can possibly control the emotions of everyone looking at you.  If you’re standing behind a set of computers and aren’t having fun, that’s going to come across to your crowd – so why not dance?!  Dance evokes emotion.  You don’t have to be a good dancer by any means, so don’t bother signing up for classes, just move to the music.  Remember, everyone needs to break out of their shell and dance, be the change you want to see in the room.

5.  Pose

Now that you’ve pre-recorded your sets, synced your music, gotten into the habit of knob-twisting to key elements in the song, and most importantly, danced, take a minute to give the crowd the opportunity to praise you!  You are the DJ they have been waiting to see do nothing all year!  It’s at these remarkable moments during your set that you want to look deep into your audience, throw your head back with your hands up in the air, and let em’ give it to you!  This makes you look and feel like a saviour, and that is why we call this the “Jesus Pose“!  Pose like you have just blessed everyone in the audience with your miracle of music!  Always have a photographer on site to take a picture of you posing from behind so that the crowd is seen showing you that love.  Be careful not to over-pose though, because your computer may start mixing another song in the middle of your mix and you could get caught “posing” all together.  Posing is different from the Pose. Never be a posers because posers don’t really do anything.

The Truth

This is a tongue-in-cheek article. Don’t take it seriously, it’s meant to make you laugh… but hey, maybe… just maybe the above can work because in life – anything is possible!  🙂

Written by DJ Tricky Moreira



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