The Wrecka Stowe

The Wrecka Stowe (record store) was a place for like-minded individuals with a passion for music. A sort of club for DJs and vinyl lovers to share knowledge and stories on the movement. We’d sift through hundreds of crates of vinyl, spend every last penny we made on building vibrant record collections so that we could showcase our new finds in sound to club goers and music lovers everywhere. We didn’t shop at one store – we spent hours, days, weeks, jumping from store to store, in any city, in any country, you couldn’t pass a record store and not go in. If you had skills behind the decks, a dope ass collection, and a passion to throw down, you’d make crowds go nuts over the most obscure records – provided you could throw down flawless mixes, and be light on your fingers – because vinyl didn’t discriminate. You didn’t choose the DJ life, the DJ life chose you, and there was only a chosen few. Just reminiscing over you my gosh. 

Tricky Moreira Record Store


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