“A lollipop is always better than a sucker”, said the lady with the boombox and the dancing feet! You can get with this… or you can get with that! ūü§ďūüć≠  See you at One Lounge (292 College St.) Toronto on Sat Dec 17th! Tix: ‚Äč‚Äč

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Sound Check | Dj Tips

DJs are badass. Life is¬†funtastic. When people think of DJs they see¬†club lights, long nights, thumping beats, screaming crowds getting down to drops, smoke machines, and good times. I’m not going to say any of this is a lie (it’s quite apparent this is part of the job) but there is also the down time. […]

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The Proactive DJ | DJ Tips

Young,¬†up and coming¬†DJs think their dope defying skills are going to take them around the world, and that’s true, however artists¬†didn’t get where they are simply by sitting back and patting themselves on the back. ¬†Like with anything you wish to attain in life,¬†you must be pro-active. If you’re looking to expand from your basement […]

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Don’t Fall Asleep| DJ Tips

DJs stay awake all night. They¬†never fall asleep. What’s the trick? Well,¬†a majority of DJs are now¬†getting a silicone chip implanted behind their eyes that trigger a light reflection. ¬†New studies done by the University of The Trickster have shown that this new chip¬†has created the DJ Zombie. It’s easy to spot these dudes. ¬†They’re […]

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