Bermuda Beats March

There are going to be some serious house beats banging throughout Hamilton, Bermuda on Saturday March 31rst.  I’ll be spinning Easter Weekend, and the party is going to be awesome. If you’re looking for something to do for the long weekend, book your trip to Bermuda and let’s dance! Housestyle Takeover is happening on Saturday […]

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Join The Love Movement

I’ll just leave this little piece of magic here. Please buy your copy on iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify, and all other digital music stores! Your support for our artists go a long way; and music lasts forever! YouTube Link: If I Gave You My Heart iTunes Purchase Link: If I Gave You My […]

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Sound Check | Dj Tips

DJs are badass. Life is funtastic. When people think of DJs they see club lights, long nights, thumping beats, screaming crowds getting down to drops, smoke machines, and good times. I’m not going to say any of this is a lie (it’s quite apparent this is part of the job) but there is also the down time. […]

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The Proactive DJ | DJ Tips

Young, up and coming DJs think their dope defying skills are going to take them around the world, and that’s true, however artists didn’t get where they are simply by sitting back and patting themselves on the back.  Like with anything you wish to attain in life, you must be pro-active. If you’re looking to expand from your basement […]

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Don’t Fall Asleep| DJ Tips

DJs stay awake all night. They never fall asleep. What’s the trick? Well, a majority of DJs are now getting a silicone chip implanted behind their eyes that trigger a light reflection.  New studies done by the University of The Trickster have shown that this new chip has created the DJ Zombie. It’s easy to spot these dudes.  They’re […]

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